Online Analog Film Developer Service: The Darkroom

Getting Your Roll Film and Sheet Film Developed Online

Whether it be 35mm film or 4×5 large format film, a photographer employing film will need to develop their exposed film. This is either done in their darkroom located either in their home or their studio, or they make use of online/by-mail film development services.

I fall in the the latter category and currently have all of my film developing done through “The Darkroom“, an online film developing service.

Quick Rundown of Process

  1. Determine which of your exposed negatives you want to get developed.
  2. Go to the service’s online page and order the number and type of exposures you want. You may also be able to indicate if you would like them to perform a scan, and if so, what resolution. Some will also be able to provide a physical print along with your film.
  3. Pack up your film according to the instructions from the site.
  4. Mail the undeveloped film out according to the instructions from the site.
  5. Wait for your developed film to be returned along with updates usually posted online.
  6. Enjoy!

The Darkroom – A reliable and flexible film development service

I’ve used The Darkroom a few times and have been very happy with their results each time. I’ve sent in 35mm roll film, medium format roll film, and 4×5 large format sheet film. Each time, I found the resulting negatives to be very well done.

The Darkroom also allows for notes to be included regarding whether you want your development to push or pull and by how many stops. A VERY useful option since sometimes, you may want to employ different techniques to achieve the look that you want.

The Darkroom can handle a wide array of film types as well as film chemistries.

Some negatives I’ve had developed by them:

Cupertino Towers – Shot with 4×5 LF Camera
4×5 negative captured using iPhone and processed with Capture One
Wing Tang Wong

Wing Tang Wong