My Gear List

My Gear List

Well, this is my gear page. For those that are curious as to what I shoot with
and all the other gear I use, here it is.

The general philosophy is to try to invest in the glass and keeping the gear
in good condition. The camera body gets upgraded roughly every 3-4 years, when
technology advances sufficiently or when the current body dies.

For camera support, I’ve enjoyed Manfrotto tripods and monopods. I also use
their ball heads. For the connectivity I used to use Manfrotto’s RC2 quick
release plates, but have since switched to Arca-Swiss style plates. They are
not drop-in and click locking like the RC2, but they are rigid and very
comfortable, especially if you need one on your vertical grip.

Future Gear:

  • Sony 15-50mm/2.8 SSM
  • Sony 70-400/G SSM
  • AS/SA mounting plate for A77

Camera Bodies:

  • Sony Alpha A77 DSLR

Camera Lenses:

  • Sony 50mm/1.4
  • Tamron 17-50mm/2.8
  • Sony 70-200mm/2.8
  • Rokinon 8mm Fisheye

Camera Support:

  • Manfrotto 334B Monopod
  • Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod
  • Manfrotto 468MG
  • Cotton Carrier Vest

Camera Bags:

  • LowePro 350EX (first should bag.. nice, but hard to open)
  • LowePro FastPack 350 (huge and VERY comfortable… but very bulky)
  • LowePro Classified 160 AW (shoulder bag, looks like a normal bag, very easy to use)

Light Gear:

  • Minolta 5600HS(D) flash head (56 meter GN and IR slaving from main camera, awesome)
  • LumePro LP160 flash head (42 meter GN with myriad of slave/trigger options)
  • HV pack for 5600HS(D) (drops recycle time down to 1 second or less)
  • 2 x Radio Popper Triggers
  • 3 x DIY Radio Triggers
  • 2 x folded lightstands (they’re lightstands…)
  • 2 x 43″ Westcott double fold umbrellas (shoot through and reflect, let’s light the whole room! They also fold down to 16″ in length!)


  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Lightroom 4.x
  • Bibble Labs Pro 5.x
  • Topaz Labs DeNoise 5 (awesome noise removal tool!)

Flash Cards:

  • 3 x 16GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/sec UHS-I SDHC
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