I basically shoot with Sony cameras. Having come from a background where I was shooting with a Minolta camera, I just kinda kept on that road, even when Sony bought out the photography division.

A quick rundown of my digital gear:

A quick rundown of my film gear:

  • Film Bodies
    • Minolta Dynax A7000
      • 35mm APS film
      • Alpha A-mount body
    • Mamiya RB67 Pro
      • 120 medium format roll film
    • Intrepid 4×5 Large Format
      • https://intrepidcamera.co.uk/
      • 4×5 negative sheet film
  • Film Lenses
    • Fujinon 90mm (4×5) mounted on a lens board
  • Film Accessories
    • Wanderer Dark Cloth
      • https://www.wandererphotogear.com/
    • Fujifilm PA-145 Adapter
      • Allows use of FP-100C and FP-3000B instant film