Getting A Taste of Instant Film Photography - Instax Mini

After having spent some time with the FP-100C and the FP-3000B large format films, I wanted to give a more “convenient” form factor a try. Looking around, I found that there were basically two main avenues to go with: Polaroid and FujiFilm.

Since I had already been using FujiFilm for my large format camera, I decided to go with the FujiFilm Instax instant films. I started by buying an Instax Mini from a local office supply shop. Bought a pack each of black and white and color.

Photograph of neighboring car on a rainy day using the Instax Mini camera

On the day that I bought the Instax Mini, it happened to be raining. While parked in a parking lot, I took a photograph of the car parked next to me. It took about 2 minutes for the image to show… watching it develop and slowly fade into existence was almost magical in nature.
Watch a shot develop after being shot!

Will be exploring this photography format more in the near future as I’ll be acquiring an Instax Wide to shoot larger instant film formats than the mini.

Closeup look at the Instax Mini film shot.
Wing Tang Wong

Wing Tang Wong