A Nice Day At The Beach : iPhone Photography

Family Time At The Beach

Spending more time at home, much of the outdoor experience is had from out living room window, during grocery trips, or when just driving around to run errands.

So when my wife suggested we go to the beach, I was all for it. We had gone just a few weeks ago and it was great.

We headed out towards Santa Cruz and picked out a beach. It was 2-3pm on a Thursday afternoon. Most everyone was at work or on some minor commute. Traffic from the Bay Area down to Santa Cruz was a smooth drive down the 17 highway.

The sand was warm and very fine. The waves were coming in along with a strong cool breeze. The sky was incredibly blue. A couple of surfers and one wind surfer was on the water.

We enjoyed the sand and sun, wind and waves. I felt like stress, anxiety, and tension was being worn away with each wave.

Now, normally, I would have brought my camera, lenses, and other gear. However, all we brought along were our iPhones. And to be honest, that was more than enough for a family outing.

Shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhones In Hand

So our household is an Apple household. That is to say, our phones, laptops, and smart-tv devices all center around the Apple eco-system. To this end, this means we all have iPhones.

While the image quality isn’t as good as what I can get from my Sony Alpha A7R3, having a portable device in your pocket that can take quick photos and videos without having to worry about sand, sea spray, or ocean water was a very stress-free way to take pictures at the beach.

Shot with iPhone 11 Pro Max


  • Decent resolution from iPhone11ProMax and iPhone12Pro (12MP+)
  • Portable and light
  • Big screen for review of images
  • Waterproof
  • Slow motion video recording
  • Video recording
  • Easy to share photographs


  • Software/AI image processing
  • Limited control of shooting settings
  • Ergonomics are pretty bad vs most camera bodies
  • Focal length is limited
  • Image size and recording format has no manual controls
Shot with iPhone12Pro
Wing Tang Wong

Wing Tang Wong