Intrepid 4×5 Large Format Film Camera with PA-145 Instant Film Back and FujiFilm Instant Film Packs

So, from my last post with the Intrepid, I shot some ISO 100 black and white film using the typical double sided 4×5 film holders. This was a great deal of fun and my film is off being developed. Yay!

In the meantime, I had received my orders for some instant film.

I had looked around for what types of instant films were still available. Turns out, there aren’t that many… which is a shame. 🙁 The current crop of consumer “instant” photo film are these little squares… -_-; Very sad.

After digging around,  I found that I could buy recently made FujiFilm FP-100C instant film. This film was not the full 4×5 size, but a smaller 3.25×4.25 size. Not a deal breaker. Anyways, I star

Some un-expired instant color film produced by Fujifilm!
Some un-expired instant color film produced by Fujifilm!

All told, I bought 5 units of the FP-100C, which are film packs of 10 sheets each. I also bought 4 units of the FP-3000B, which also come in film packs of 10 sheets each.

Fujifilm FP-3000B(ISO 3000 black and white film) and FP-100C(ISO 100 color film)

In order to actually shoot with this film, I needed a film back that could hold the cartridges and properly put them through the wringer or roller, as the case may be. The film was only compatible with two film holders: The PA-1 and the PA-145. The PA-1 is a graflex sliding lock deal with a built-in rotating configuration. Very nice. However, it was also older and I couldn’t find any that I felt comfortable buying. The PA-145 was the other one, which I eventually settled on. There is also a PA-45, but that is for full sized 4×5 instant film…. which apparently is damn near impossible to find anymore. -_- VERY VERY SAD.

4x5 Film Camera Bag w/Instant Film Loadout 1 loaded film holder and two unopened boxes of film, 10 exposures each.
4×5 Film Camera Bag w/Instant Film Loadout 1 loaded film holder and two unopened boxes of film, 10 exposures each.

I’m looking forward to doing some shooting with this combo. Now, the interesting thing is, I need to make a composition mask for the matte focusing screen… because the instant film negative is smaller than the actual 4×5, if I compose a shot based on what I see through the ground glass, part of the image will be cutoff. 🙁 As was the case for the first shot I took. -_-;

In all, I made three “quick” exposures with the FP-3000B and my first thought was: my that was a PITA to get a shot, but once I got over that, I found that while I can’t appreciate all the aspects of the format and medium, the physical act of shooting, pulling the film out, waiting, then peeling apart the film and backing to see the image… it was a bit of a “wow” moment. And the captured image, even though it’s blurry and fuzzy due to bad focusing and settings, has a nice artsy feel to it.

I suppose by the time I get to the bottom of my stock of film, I will have developed a better fondness for this medium… more on that in future posts.

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