So I’d been giving static page hosting a try for a few months. And for the most part, I like the hosting portion of it:

  • Simple
  • Fast serving
  • Low server overhead
  • Easy to port Markdown and templated files

However, while the serving aspect of it was painless, the posting of content was anything but painless. While I am at a text terminal for most of my work day, I find that for blogging which involves media, it is a bit of a pain. So, to that end, I’ve switched back to WordPress. I thought briefly about Drupal, but I think that I like WordPress’s straightforward approach better. I’m not building something massive, so the underlying power of Drupal isn’t worth the learning curve and maintenance work of the modules/etc. Though I will admit, I love those lists…

So, as we enter into October, 2017, the site is making a return to the WordPress platform. Will slowly port some of the old posts over, though I’m finding that over time, I kind of like the shedding of old posts during migration. It’s really helping me figure out what I really felt strongly about and what I really didn’t.