Jan 182012

The following photographs were made on the Sony Alpha A77 DSLT camera using the Rokinon 8mm aspherical fisheye lens.

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Jan 152012

Recently, I started a little self-motivated project to produce one interesting photograph a week. Like the 365, photograph a day, projects, this aims to put a little foot to the rear end of my creativity. However, I opted to do one a week, allowing me to shoot when I can during the week, and produce a finale image at the end of the week, most likely on Sunday.

2012 Photography A Week : The Wave

2012 Photography A Week #1: The Wave

The first photograph, shown above, I call “The Wave”. This was shot along the biking paths and roads near the I-280 and 92. Shot with my Sony Alpha A77 with the Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens. Using the distortion to bend the road in interesting ways while taking advantage of the lens’ peculiar resistance to flare.

2012 Photography A Week : "Closing In"

2012 Photography A Week #2: Closing In

The second image, I call “Closing In”. Using the same Sony Alpha A77 and 8mm Rokinon combo’s fisheye distortion, I brought the branches of the silhouetted tree in against the backdrop of the sunset.

One thing I’ve found is that while I like the unique way in which the fisheye introduces curvature, it is repetitive. Prompts me to consider other options for week #3.

You can check out my 2012 Photography A Week photos on Flickr, SmugMug, and 500px!

Jan 112012
8mm Ultra Wide Angle Shot of Office Building in Brisbane, California

8mm Ultra Wide Angle Shot of Office Building in Brisbane, California

I recently acquired the Rokinon 8mm manual focus lens with a Sony Alpha mount. I’ve been shooting with this lens as often as I can.

I love the way the lens renders an amazing amount of detail in focus, whether the subject matter be near or far. I love the curvature that the lens lends to any straight edge, almost as if on some spring.


Cresting View

Cresting View

Valley View

Valley View

The way the world seems to converge or diverge based on the angle of the lens in relation to the horizon is just so much fun to play with!