Moving From Wordpress To Hugo

Wordpress Is Great, But… So I’ve been hosting my site on WordPress for the last 15 years. Wow, has it been that long? The great thing about WordPress is that it is pretty easy to use and there are plenty of libraries out there to make it even better. Want to integrate and automate things? Not really much of a problem. However, because of those very same characteristics, this makes WordPress super popular and thus a target for malicious folks out there.

The Cotton Carrier Revisited: Cotton Carrier + Arca Swiss Mount Plates

I’m a big fan of the Cotton Carrier vest system. Why? Because it takes the load off of my neck/shoulders/arms, when the camera isn’t being held in shooting position. However, I’ve had it shelved for the last couple of years because I’ve been doing tripod work, and that work involved using the Arca Swiss style plate and clamps. I really haven’t been keeping up on the developments with the Cotton Carrier system, but have recently gone back and taken a look at them.

Cephalopod At The Monterey Bay Aquarium

A common cuttlefish swimming amidst some coral. Photographed with Sony A77 + Sony 85mm/2.8 SAM All About Cephalopod! During the Memorial Day weekend, my family and I made the trip down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We were quite excited about the new Tentacles exhibit, which featured cephalopod! They had nautilus, cuttlefish, squid, and octopi in the exhibit, along with some works of art, both ancient and modern. Of note were the Minoan vases denoting our tentacled friends and some turn of the century nature illustrations.

The Impact of CTS/RSI on My Computer and Photography Gear

CTS & RSI, What’s That? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS) and Repetitive Stress Injuries(RSI) is pretty common in the IT industry. One might even say it is very widespread. The symptoms are stiffness, pain, loss of strength, and even numbness in the hands, arms, neck, shoulder, legs, feet, etc. The locations can be both direct as well as indirect. Leg pain in the case of spinal issues. Wrist and forearm pain due to elbow nerve issues.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellies

Flower Hat Jelly - Olindias Formosa - Medusa Sombrero Floreado Flower Hat Jellies resting on their display mesh. I’ve got to say, I’m admire the beauty of the Undersea Jelly exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They’ve completed a very extensive renovation a while back and it’s only been on a recent trip that I’ve had the time to take some photographs of their amazing jellyfish. Above, the Flower Hat Jelly is amazingly colorful, especially under the special lights of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s displays.

Ben & Jerry's Guitar Story

Ben & Jerry: Local guitarists Photograph of Ben and Jerry, two local guitarists performing at Filoli Gardens. I recently had the opportunity to attend a live performance by Benett Zussman and Jerry Snyder. They are both performing artists, instructors, and an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to them play. The Guitar Story Ben & Jerry have a regular performance entitled, “The Guitar Story”, in which they will be performing a series of pieces from different time periods in history leading up to the current day.

Paths of Light

Paths of Light Long exposure creating light trails. Shot from San Francisco's Twin Peaks. I shot “Paths of Light” from Twin Peaks, overlooking San Francisco. Using a long exposure, I timed the capture of the traffic below to create beautiful streams of light below, while in the distance, the moon casts a pale and beautiful glow over the bay, beyond the city’s lights. This photograph was captured with the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens with the Sony Alpha A77 camera.

Inspired By Others

A Small Case of Mistaken Identity Occasionally, I get interesting little tidbits of entertainment from certain facets of real life. Case in point, people with similar names to me. Apparently, my name is fairly common. As such, there are in excess of 600 “Wing Wong”(s) in just the bay area alone. So it was inevitable that I would eventually encounter a collision at some point. Yesterday, I got an email from a photographer I had contacted a while back.

Some Thoughts On Kickstarter

Crowdsourcing Money Is Awesome! All one has to do is look at awesome Kickstarter projects, like TheOatmeal’s Tesla Museum to realize how great the process and community is. In fact, I just recently received the extremely awesome, Gwendolyn and the Underworld, by Bill Robinson! I’m looking forward to another book that I’ve backed on Kickstarter, along with some retro game remakes. I’ve also gotten a very well made 360 pano adapter for an iphone, as well as great support software.

Easter Embrace - Photography A Week Project

So, it’s been a while and Easter has arrived. In addition my family making a ham, this year, we went to the Filoli Garden in California and amidst the thousands of tulips in bloom at the gardens, I found this composition that caught my eye: Yellow Tulip In Embrace Yellow Yulips photographed with Sony Alpha A77 and Sony 70-200/2.8G lens. Photographed with the Sony A77 DSLT and the Sony 70-200⁄2.8G. The shape of the tulip was quite egg-like and the entwined flowers around it just made the shot for me.