Nov 252011

A flock of Chocolate Cake Turkeys made by Carrie


This Thanks Giving, we got together with some of our family to have dinner and spend some time together. My brother and I also got to do some photographing of the food and of some really nice edible decorations Carrie made. Case in point, the chocolate cake turkeys above and below.


Carrie's Chocolate Turkeys


Carrie's Chocolate Turkeys


Of course, it just isn’t Thanksgiving unless there is an actual meal.


Thanksgiving meal.


Thanksgiving meal, Cranberry Relish and Sweet Potato CranCherries


Delicious imported meats and dates.


A Pumpkin on a Stick by Carrie


Of course, it’s not quite Thanksgiving without people, so here is my brother-in-law, Daniel.




Our cousin Carrie, in addition to making the cool chocolate cake turkeys, also created the following shark and pumpkins!


Carrie's Happy Shark


Carrie's Candy Pumpkins on dining table.


The photographs above are taken with the A77 at various ISO levels. All of which were hand held. Post processing the files was definitely quite a bit different from processing files from the A700. For one thing… sharpening the files is problematic. Due to the high level of luminance noise, if you apply sharpening, even a clean image will suddenly blossom with white sharpening artifacts, looking like it was riddled with luminance noise. :(

Sadly, this appears to be the case, even when using ISO 100 with flash. In contrast, my brother’s Canon Rebel T2i is shooting some fairly clean images.

It looks like the learning curve will continue with the A77. But basically, the camera likes and needs a lot of light. It really likes bright scenes.