Blog disclosures

In conformance to the US laws regarding bloggers, this page details all disclosures about me in relationship to my blog posts and any and all financial compensations which I may/have received.

Income Sources * Primary employment as an operations engineer at Brightroll, Inc. My views and opinions here do not reflect the views of my employer and are not sponsored by them. As a general rule of thumb, I do not blog about my work or my experiences as they related to my employer. I may occasionally post about a promotion by them, if it is related to something I’m blogging about. * Secondary comes in from photography and book sales. * Third tier income is from advertisement from Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, etc.

Brand Association * I’m not associated with nor sponsored by any brands. * I primarily use Sony camera gear with lenses from various makers. Tripods are generally Manfrotto. * Computer gear is primarily Apple equipment. Processing software is general Adobe. * I receive no special discounts or freebies from any of the manufacturers or brands. Though if that changes, it will be noted. ** Received LP180 from LumoPro for evaluation and use.

Personal Leanings * Not a fan of Canon DSLR interfaces, especially their menu system and the archaic names they give to certain iso settings or functions. * Love the articulated LCD screen of the A77 and A99. No more neck craning to get certain shots. * Love the EVF concept, when done well. Optical viewfinders are nice, but at the end of the day, EVF(s) work well and gives more support information for my use case.